Vegetarian S’mores

On my recent road trip I was stopped at a grocery store to pick up some food for camping. I wanted to get S’mores but I wanted them to be vegetarian. Some grocery stores have vegetarian marshmallows but it is a specialty product and this particular store did not have them. Most marshmallows contain gelatin¬†which is made from animal products. Quickly scanning the shelves I noticed ¬†Marshmallow Creme. Marshmallow Creme does not have the structure that marshmallows have because of the gelatin. Marshmallow Creme is gelatin free! It is easy to spread on a graham cracker and heat up over a fire with a grill and is perfect for Vegetarian S’mores!


Almond Milk

I have been drinking a lot of Almond Milk since I decided to try not drinking normal milk. One problem with Almond Milk (Rice Milk, Soy Milk and cow Milk) is that it comes in a waxed container that cant be recycled. I never realized how easy it is to make your own almond milk. Check out the recipe from at Santa Cruz Local Foods:

The Impact of Flying

Interesting information about flying:

Mark Bittman Video

Here is a video of Mark Bittman the author Food Matters and a food writer for the New York Times:


Coming soon!

Busy Busy

I have not been posting much recently for a couple of reasons, all of them making me busy. First I have been remodeling my room which means I don’t have a place to really go home to. This means I have not been spending much time at home and when I am, I am working on the remodeling. I have also been very busy at work, with a bunch of things coming up at once. Also with spring and summer around the corner I have been trying to get outdoors more often. Between snowboarding in Tahoe and backpacking in Big Sur I have been extremely busy. Once my room is finished and I have a home base again I will get back to shopping more often and cooking more. For now I am just doing the best I can with fresh veggies from the Farmers Market and Santa Cruz Local Foods and trying not to eat out too much.

80% is 20% less then 100%

There is one question that often comes up when I am talking to people about trying to lower my impact by changing my eating habits and the packaging of foods that I buy. Where do you draw the line or how do you decide what is enough. It’s clear no matter how much I try to lower my impact it will never be perfect. I won’t be able to do everything up to the standards I am striving for. This really isn’t a problem. Big changes happen in a lot of ways, they can happen from a lot of people doing a little or a few people doing a lot or a combination of both. The important part is trying to do what you can. I do as much as I can and know that the difference between changing 100% and changing 80% is only 20%. That’s right being perfect is only going to help 20% more then doing 80%. It’s really not about being perfect, its about making a change. Not only is it unrealistic to be perfect it also does not make sense. By choosing to change things that have a big impact and are not very difficult to do I can make a big changes and still have some time and energy left over for other aspects of my life. So it is actually more efficient to not try and be perfect but just focus on the the things you can do and will help make big changes and not drive you crazy. If everyone does a little it will make a huge difference.